appreciating things that others do for you

Colleges, schools, and all other organizations and businesses need janitorial services. These service are needed because can you imagine if bathrooms and classrooms were not cleaned on a daily basis? Commercial cleaning helps organizations by keeping the people in the building healthy and happy. Children that go to school on a daily basis already get sick enough throughout the years because of germs that are spread. The least we can do is clean up after ourselves and make the lives of our cleaning staff easier. They are not appreciated enough yet they do the jobs that many people would not want to do on their own.
In many college dorm halls, students use community bathrooms. This means that someone has to go in and clean that bathroom every day. If not, it would get very dirty and we cannot expect students to clean it on their own because the school supplies all of the necessary equipment to get this job done. These services are needed but students could do more to help the staff. Many people do not care that other people are cleaning up after them. They leave paper towel on the counters or make huge messes because they do not have to clean them up. Although it is great to have someone to clean your bathrooms for you, students should learn to help out and do their part.
When we are in our own homes, we make it a priority to clean up after ourselves. We wash dishes; clean the bathrooms, make the beds, and vacuum the floors. If someone ever came along and made huge messes for you to clean up, it would probably irritate you. This is really no different when you go to school or work. Just because it is not your home does not mean that you should not take care of it.
Not many people like cleaning up after others. Put yourself in the shoes of someone who has to come in to your office or classroom at the end of the day and clean up after you and then help them out and clean up. Not only will they appreciate it, but the people around you will see what you are doing and might follow along. Most importantly, if you are a parent, teach your children early on to respect other people and not only worry about themselves but the people who are surrounding them and doing them a favor.
A quick thank you to someone who is cleaning your office at the end of the day does not take that long and they will appreciate your kindness. They help you in ways that you cannot even imagine. If you were to be without them, you would have to do that in addition to the job you already have. Janitors and cleaning staffs help is stay healthy by getting rid of germs that others leave behind and they also lift a weight off of our shoulders by getting something done that needs to get done.